Eyelid Malposition

Heavy, Droopy Upper Eyelid
Droopy upper eyelid happens when the elevator muscle of the upper eyelid is defective or is disinserted. As a result the upper eyelid drops down. This can reduce the visual field. Ptosis is a term used to describe the drooping of the upper eyelid, a condition that can affect one or both eyes. Ptosis can be mild when the eyelid is above the pupil, or can partially cover the pupil therefore blocking the upper part of the visual field. In severe cases the eyelid fully covers the pupil.

Why does it occur?
Ptosis that has been present from birth is called congenital ptosis. Ptosis can be congenital when the muscle lifting the eyelid up has not developed properly. In the older age group the eyelid elevator muscle dis-inserts from the site of its attachment to the eyelid, as a result the eyelid becomes droopy.


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